Friday, May 20, 2005
y o u

when i say "i miss you" i mean, i miss being with you.
when i say "i love you" i mean, i love everything about you.

you always ask me why i love you.  why you, of all people?
it's very simple:  you're THE ONE.

you're the only one who can make me feel this way.
you're the only one who can make sense out of my madness.
you're the only one who can love me like this - "strong and wild, slow and easy, heart and soul, so completely".

and yes, you rocked my boat.
you touched my heart.
you aroused my senses.

and i know that by knowing you, i'll be able to find where i belong.

i'll be able to start weaving my dreams.

and you'll be there as they come true.

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