Monday, June 27, 2005
mushiness and me

the other day, i was talking to you while you were out with a common friend whom you refer to as your "sweetheart".  then we talked while you were looking for a token [and boy, do you give expensive ones!] to give to my friend whom you're about to meet.  there's G whom you call "my sweet", some girl friends whom i know are very special to you, and your wife whom you love very much.

it suddenly entered my mind, "sino nga kaya ako sa buhay mo?".  hehe.

it's but natural for me to wish i'm the only love of your life, the one you'll go home to, the one you'll grow old with, the one you share your life with.  but i know i won't be.  i had to accept that. 

so, who am i to you?  a friend, a special friend, a girlfriend, a lover?  all of the above?  mmm.... it doesn't really matter to me.  those are titles, and more than titles, i long for something else.  i have a wish, and that is, that i have made a difference in your life.

i will never forget how you said that i completed you... na sa unang pagkakataon naramdaman mong mas mahal ka kesa mas mahal mo.  and that, for me, is more than enough.  it's a great feeling, a little overwhelming, i can't describe it.

i would like to think there are bits and pieces, like how i introduced you to blogging and other cool stuff (meron ba?), how you found yourself not drinking anymore (hehe, feeling ba?), how i inspired you to be more health conscious (or is it just my imagination?), and of course to be able to sleep when it's the right time to sleep, not when it's already time to wake up (this one, papanindigan ko!).

all these, and more, give me reasons to smile.

i hope you think of me as a younger sister, someone who made you feel younger and lighter.  a friend, someone you can talk to about anything.  a lover, for what it really means.  a soulmate, someone you can appreciate life with.  and just ME, for who i am.

awwww... mushy!

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