Friday, June 24, 2005
simply me

yano.  you told me the meaning of this word.  i've heard of the word before, i've been an abider of the creed, but i never knew it meant THAT.


siguro kaya ako nahilig sa tsinelas, it's as simple as i can get next to being barefoot.  at yun ako.  i can be really plain.  almost always, i hate dressing up.  i barely dig accessories.  the farthest i can go to wearing make-up is lip gloss. 

so when you tell me "ang ganda mo" when i just woke up, when i complain that i haven't brushed my hair and you say, "may difference ba?", when you let me go out with you in plain tees, short shorts and tsinelas, when you say that i can take a shower and get dressed in 10 minutes and be proud of it, i just love it!

i love it that i can be myself when i'm with you.

and i also love it that you still appreciate me when i feel like being unplain - i can only remember the "wow" day and when i wore that red dress... or when you say, "ang ganda ng lipstick natin ah" when i feel like wearing my lip gloss.

so what am i saying?  i think i've already told you... i love the way you love me!  :)

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