Thursday, May 19, 2005
just another ordinary day

a FEW things that happened today:

we went on a joy ride just so i won't get bored.

i spent the whole afternoon sleeping in a cozy bed.  you said i had to rest when i wasn't even tired!  but, who could resist such an offer?!  i had YOUR room for myself, with all its comfort.

you sent me the sweetest messages just to say you miss me and and you can't wait to embrace me.  hmm... but you're just in the next room.

now, i'm waiting for my dinner that you're buying yourself. 

with all the pampering and care, one might think i'm sick.  but i'm not.  it's another "ordinary" day.

Posted at 08:36 pm by ysabel112

May 20, 2005   10:09 AM PDT
thanks mahal! appreciations like these make me smile, but really, everything is ordinary on what happened or what i did, what made it special is YOU! co'z you're my special princess......VERY SPECIAL!

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