Monday, June 20, 2005
linya ko yan.....

it's a known line in a supposed to be known commercial.....but we can't answer it in the commercial quiz no matter how we tried. but let me use it here.....your latest post? it should be mine.....linya ko yan....


when the clock ticked 12midnight, you're there....with a sweet great card signed with full name.....with those little cakes that looks SO BIG, with those inspiring candles, with that so cute martinelli.....

you have witnessed all the calls and text messages that greeted me, you helped me prepare all those things for the "party", you're with me in YOUR car going there, we're around each other the whole day, we have dinner at your pad, we played and think together, until it's 12midnight once more. it's my day, and you're there to COMPLETE it! it may cost or costing you a lot, but still you do. how can any word of acknowledgment and appreciation be ever enough? thanks for loving me!

i love you babe!

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