Wednesday, June 08, 2005
while we were sleeping

when in the middle of the night, you suddenly whispered this to me,

"when you're gone, how will i eat?  how will i sleep?"

i had to ask myself again if i was dreaming. 

you always tell me you're frigid, which i never agreed to.  how can a guy who whispers that remark in the middle of the night be called frigid? 

those questions were not intended to look for answers.  instead it was a declaration.  it told me how much you love me, and that i mean a lot to you. 

and here's what i want to tell you:  i wish i can share each meal with you, and spend each sleeping moment in your arms.  but i know i can only wish.... that's why i want to make the most of each chance i have now.  because every moment spent with you is worth a lifetime.

Posted at 03:15 pm by ysabel112

June 8, 2005   03:41 PM PDT
iloveyou! i miss you. :)
June 8, 2005   03:27 PM PDT
what else should i say? you hit it right on target babe!

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