Friday, May 27, 2005
y?.... 'coz!

last year, you asked me why do i love you? last month, you asked me why do i love you? last week, you asked me why do i love you? yesterday, you asked me why do i love you? this morning, you asked me why do i love you?.......

i tried my best to be consistent to my answers.....BECAUSE.......

then, today, it's time for me to ask myself, why do i really love you? there must be a reason, i want to know why! you have your famous 101 why's.......i could honestly say it's seven times (7x) those! (seven, being a connotatively perfect/immense number).

but again, every reason seems to stand alone and independent that you can erase, delete, omit any one of them; or you can just leave a single one and STILL i love you so much, very much! so my answer will still stand firm, i love you because. (take note of the period, it's already a complete sentence!!!)


Posted at 10:12 am by ysabel112

May 27, 2005   12:27 PM PDT
well said, my princess!
May 27, 2005   11:11 AM PDT
thanks, thanks!

you also know that whenever i ask you, "do you love me?" that means at that moment, i feel your love.

and whenever i ask, "why do you love me?" it means you already answered me... with your smile that says i make you happy; with the twinkle in your eyes that says i make you feel great; with the peace in your heart that says i completed you.


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